How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

Do you like a guy and want him to feel the same way towards you? Would you like to choose the one you want and make him your boyfriend, husband, soul mate, and lover? For whatever reason, do you want a guy to fall in love with you?  Keep reading because the following are some of idealistic and effective ways on how to make a guy fall in love with you, with you doing the legwork which will help make that charming guy fall for you!

Be yourself and don’t impersonate someone else’s character that does not match yours because nobody likes a pushover and a lack of personality. If you really want to make a guy fall in love with you, and if you want to make him commit to you seriously, show him your beautiful personality.

Some of the personality traits you need to develop are as follows; be a happy person. Having a happy and positive personality can make a guy fall in love with you much more easily and effectively than anything else.  If you are happy, you will make others, including him, happy.  They will associate you with happiness and be drawn to you every day.

Secondly, smile often. A smile makes one irresistible.  When you smile at him, it makes him feel like smiling at the same time that he looks at you. This means that he feels like smiling at you.  This is the beginning of something wonderful, some chemistry.  A smile can make a guy fall in love with you fast. Thirdly, make a beautiful smile. Laughter is like a mating call. It tells him that you are having a wonderful life, that you are carefree and happy that he should join you.

You can also try the following suggestions that will help you in the dating world and maybe eventually make a guy fall in love with you; Use mutual friends to your advantage. If you see them talking, go over and join in. Your friend should introduce you, and then you should maintain the smiling and greetings every time you see him.

Stand out from the crowd by doing small things to get his attention. If you already know him, make sure you are always there for him if he needs someone to talk to or if he needs to borrow something. Does he love sports? If yes, you had better go to him with a towel, water bottle and whatever else he needs. This way, you are showing him you like him without telling him. Ask your friends for their opinion on whether he likes you if you cannot tell.

Play hard-to-get, but always be honest. Don’t change who you are! If you have to, he is definitely not worth it. Be honest, and don’t act completely different around him. Don’t be afraid to talk to him. What is the worst that can happen? Remember that patience is a virtue. Be understanding, listen to what he has to say and don’t go over him, compliment him as guys love this!  That is how to make a guy fall in love with you. Enjoy the chase…