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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

To entice a girl to fall in love with you and apparently reciprocate the feeling you have for her it’s not an easy task. The most fascinating thing about this ordeal is the fact that it can go your way and make you happy or it could go wrong and make you miserable. It’s vital that if you are in pursuit of the girl considers important basic steps and guidelines on how to make a girl to fall in love with you.

Initially, you should look approachable. Relax and smile. It might be at a meeting, classroom, at a party or any other public place. Make her notice you. She’ll know your name in the future, and greet you in public, and so on. Once you have made a connection, the rest will follow easily. Initiate a conversation with the girl you are interested in. If you don’t already know her, simply talk. If she responds pleasantly, continue the conversation.

If she doesn’t respond or seems preoccupied or disinterested, she probably isn’t interested in flirting with you. At the beginning of the conversation, you don’t want to talk about anything personal. Talk about the environment around you or the show you just saw, but don’t talk much about yourself and don’t ask her personal questions.

Gradually share information about yourself in a reciprocal manner. If this small talk goes well, proceed to share a little information about yourself–just something small like what you do for a living or how you liked the show you just saw, for example. At some point, of course, you’ll want to introduce yourself and, hopefully, get the girls name. Show that you are comfortable and confident. There’s nothing to be nervous about.

Don’t set high expectations. Practice non-attachment and expect nothing from the girl. This is not to say that you don’t want the girl. It is just the fact that you do not expect the girl to want you in return, which means you cannot be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised. Letting go of your expectations will also help you relax, which will make you more appealing to a girl than if you are uptight and worried.

Give the girl your complete attention. Being a good listener is far more important to successful flirting than being witty. hint at your romantic intentions at the opportune. If things are going really well, you might want to try to break the touch barrier. Touch his or her arm briefly and gently as you talk. With time, be more assertive and hold her hand when you cross the street, or if walking to a seat or a table, lead her by gently holding her arm.

Show her how lovable you are. Most boys don’t care on these tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you or decide who they fall in love with. It often comes with time, and in that time you need to show the girl that you are worth being around. This is the fun part. The only way this will work, though, is if you believe, on at least some level, that you are lovable and worth being around. It’s very difficult to fall in love with someone who thinks badly of themselves. Give her space. This step can be looked at in many ways and can get distorted easily. It isn’t about playing hard-to-get. The point is to give the girl the control of what happens next and who knows? This might sweep a girl off her feet.

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